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 Kimberly A. Troup Kimberly A. Troup - Co-Founder / Designer
As our founder, Kim is the driving force behind the focus of our efforts, branding.

Previously, Kim served VerticalNet as a Senior Web Developer and later their acting Creative Director. Primarily, her efforts were focused on the Corporate website, and Intranet design and development. In this role she was also responsible for the creation of print campaigns, banner ads, email campaigns as well as VerticalNet's corporate correspondence and marketing collateral.
Prior to her position as acting Creative Director, Kimberly spent one of her three years with VerticalNet in the Intellectual Property Group where she developed the Corporate Identity Manual in conjunction with the management of the corporate trademark portfolio. In addition, she assisted with the maintenance of copyright and patent matters. Initially Kimberly joined VerticalNet as a Web Designer working directly with clients to develop and design client web sites through to maintenance and was quite successful in account management and client relationship growth.

Prior to VerticalNet she worked as a Senior Graphic Designer managing leading accounts for Tokai Financial Services Inc., such as The Bank of New York, Konica and Toshiba to name a few. During her time at Tokai she brought in-house their Corporate and Internal websites to the Marketing Department and worked redesigns and maintenance plans for the sites. Kim has also served as Production Artist and front-page layout artist for Montgomery Newspapers Inc., Philadelphia Suburb's largest newspaper publisher.

Kimberly received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Pennsylvania State University with additional certificate and postgraduate course work in related areas; computer programming, user interface design, marketing and mathematics.

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