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Internet Software Integration
Requirements assessment, research, and implementation of third party open source or traditionally licensed software solutions meeting various client goals. Examples include website statistics tracking and groupware calendar packages.

Technical Writing
End user software documentation, systems engineering, architectural, and functional system specifications, and technical diagramming. Examples include updating and enhancing the user manual for an automated batch email tool, technical diagramming during the architectural development of an e-commerce system for a startup Independent Software Vendor, and creation of Frequently Asked Questions technical articles for a major software development tools vendor.

Information Graphics
Explanatory and educational information design and graphic descriptions for technical exposition, public education, marketing, and enforcement of corporate identity standards, among other purposes. One example is a large information graphic describing a stormwater management upgrade construction project at a township housing development. Another is corporate identity usage standards enhanced with animation and other graphical treatments to illustrate proper use of corporate identity materials such as logos.

Requirements Engineering
Elicitation, collection, and documentation of end user and technical requirements including "functional" (what a system should do for its users) and "non-functional" (aspects such as performance and usability) requirements. Examples include requirements for an e-commerce and software licensing system supporting a startup Independent Software Vendor, and internal projects.

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