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 Marketing Group Mailer-Brochure Marketing Group Mailer-Brochure
Tokai Financial Services:
Brochure / Gift Promotion introducing marketing services to prospective clientele, focusing on the customer relationship as the differentiator. It highlights The Marketing Group as a teamwork-oriented outsourcing option for equipment leasing marketing efforts.

The mailing included a gold letter opener with a velum welcome sheet and tri-fold Brochure.

 Resident Education Signage - Plumstead Township, PA Resident Education Signage
Plumstead Township, PA:
Educational sign designed to be both a learning tool and build awareness by informing & educating township residents of the value of a newly installed Wetland in their neighborhood. Illustrations were developed detailing the features of the system, and definitions provided aiding in residents understanding of a wetland.

The information presented in a friendly manner, allows readers to absorb the facts while fostering resident follow up and involvement in future township projects.

Signage in coordination with The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Growing Greener Grant.

 SMS Sales Team Incentive Promotion SMS Sales Team Incentive Promotion
Tokai Financial Services:
This was a poster aimed at the SMS sales team advertising the "Passport" incentive program and the travel prize levels it awarded.

It was designed to attract instant attention and interest in a busy environment as well as be effective as a self-mailer.

 Trade Magazine Advertising Trade Magazine Advertisement
Exact Software Company:
Trade Magazine advertisement targeting the textile industry. (Bobbin, July 1997.) Ad focused on the company's ability to provide custom software for their clients' specific needs vs. the ill-fitted status quo offerings at the time.

Additionally the ad was designed to meet the client's expectations of creating print material presenting their company as an established, successful custom software firm.

 Bank Branch Sales Materials Bank Branch Sales Materials
The Bank of New York:
Coordinating sales kit for branch staff as take-aways for their clientele. Grouping designed to aid sales staff as topic was complicated by simplifying and illustrating facts for easy reading and understanding.

Materials worked seamlessly with existing material at bank branches as they were created utilizing the well-established brand. (Kit included: two brochures, highlights card, tent card, glossary card and folder.)

Cover Designs and newspaper center spread layout:
Montgomery Newspapers, Inc.:
Various creative samples of print work while working for Montgomery Newspapers. Their Real Estate section, center spread for Lifestyles section, Philadelphia Golfer magazine, and the TICKET Entertainment insert cover design.

 Montgomery Newspapers, Inc.

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