The Beaux-Art Architecture
Online Presentation (Canva)
Educational presentation defines the Style, terminology, and demonstrates the style’s “en marche” concept of procession or, architecture experienced.

Presentation moves through historical context, and identifies the pinnacle French example being, Charles Garnier’s, Paris Opera House. Then compares this to two American expressions; high and vernacular, before inspiring audience to consider impact American Architects had on “Modernism.”
(Slides 1, 4, 11, 13, 33, 45 shown)

Historic Property Research & Documentation (Canva)
Demonstration presentation detailing an additive structure’s property history and progression, beginning in the pre-Colonial era, through to the late 20th c.

This presentation overviews the varied primary sources utilized such as deed tracing, meets & bounds plotting, on-site data collection, floorplan and elevation drafting and analysis combined with historical resources such as maps, family histories, historic society records in order to inform audiences of both the techniques employed and how it results in this unique property’s long history of use.
(Slides 1, 17, 19, 20, 22, 27, 28, 29, 32, 37, 42, 44 shown)

Artmobile Video Presentation – “Centipediatrics” Simple Machines as Art, compared Katie Wynn’s piece to Rube Goldberg designs. Explain concept of Kinetic Art as moving sculpture. Using video clip, demonstrated functionality and engaged audience to experience the piece in motion using all senses to analyze, then discussed personal responses.

Challenged students to define purpose, identify materials used. Compared again, to “silly” Rube schematics. Then, related Katie’s piece to student’s interests in what role machines can or should provide humans & Society.
Finally, offered activity allowing students to design kinetic art using mixed materials they can find at home.
(“Centipediatrics” on exhibit, video presentation still.)

Artmobile Student Activity Sheets
Print (Downloadable)
During my video presentations, I present students exhibited works of art, as a means to introduce/teach the concepts of; the Six Simple Machines, Sculpture as Art, Machines as Art, Machine Art, Art Concepts and Art making process.

During video presentations, I summarized by encouraging students to download extension, topic growth and exploration activities I developed that are similar to what students would experience through their in-person “free time” while inside the Artmobile museum along with their classmates.
(“My little Fiddle”, “Centipediatrics” activity sheets shown)

Guide – Bucks County Designer House & Gardens 2021
Served fundraising effort as a Guide in a renovated early 1800’s home, completed by regional Architects, Interior designers and landscapers. Provided guests with property history, and illuminating the home’s original floorplans, craftsmanship, and unique features to enhance their experience.

Answered questions, aiding sales efforts and promoted designer’s professional services via each room’s theme as a means to engage visitors in creative discussions.