Hello world!

My name is Kimberly Troup…
     I have a BA in Art from Penn State. But, I began at the now and long lost Spring Garden College, where I studied Architecture. I have worked as a Graphic Artist. In the early 1990’s, I very quickly shifted careers a slight bit, used my computer programming skills, and thrived loving the challenges of both designing and coding websites instead. Currently, I am a survivor of having raised two children to the ages of 8 & 12 🙂 And, now that they are becoming more independent by the day, I’ve been working my way back into a Career.
     I currently hold onto a part-time evening administrative position helping in any way I can the Nurses, Aids, and Patients at Doylestown Hospital. In return, they have rewarded me with their kindness and friendship that keeps me coming back now for six years!
    I am also very honored to serve as an Art Educator for the Bucks County Community College’s Artmobile! (In case you didn’t know… Artmobile is a traveling Art Museum that inspires K-12 students within Bucks County. I am lucky enough to be given the privilege, to teach, demonstrate, and inspire students through works of Art. Our current STEA(rt)M topic, the Six Simple Machines even includes examples on loan from the Mercer Museum in Doylestown. If you ever see the Artmobile trailer on Campus… Please, Stop In! I would love to meet everyone in person and share the joy that is Artmobile 🙂

As for exciting places that I have lived… 
     I sadly have never lived in any far away place that I could call home. I do now live in a Sears Catalogue Kit Home the Wheaton model that I cherish 🙂 Fortunately though, I have traveled a bit here and there. This included many trips to Malmo Sweden, a lively town just across the sound from Copenhagen Denmark. My husband Charles and I stayed in a fully furnished home and were so lucky to live “as locals.” While Chuck went off to work during the days downtown at Telelogic, I was thrilled to spend my time shopping, cooking and wandering the streets pretending I lived there! I even tried to get the morning weather on TV before heading out each day 🙂

As for my hopes for this website…
     My background is diverse but I seem to have been circling this topic of historic preservation for a long time. I wonder why it took me so long to find myself here? No matter. Now that I am here, I hope to discover where I belong in the greater world of historic preservation I ask,
– Why can’t I keep myself away?
– What interests me the most?
– What are my strengths/weaknesses?
– What is my job?
Meaning, with everything I have coming into this, and all the things I am/will be learning, what can I potentially bring to the table to keep the movement going & headed in the right direction?
Where do I fit in?